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The offical site of The Canadian Coyote Company Ltd.


In Alberta there will be a number of selling options. 

Option 1:  This winter GFW will be hosting several dates in various locations where you can meet our buyers. We are currently planning to set up in Red Deer, AB on Dec 17, 2019 and on some later dates in a couple of other towns.

Option 2:  Marty Senneker is now a buyer for GFW and will be setting up weekend locations at numerous communities across Southern and Central Alberta. These locations will be run in numerous centers and routes and we will try to make ourselves accesible to you.  In the event that we receive an overwhelming response on the road, we may have to switch to a pick up service due to our human/time limitations. 

Option #3:  As a former depot for North American Fur Auctions, fur hunters and trappers in Southern Alberta are already used to shipping with us as we have developed a large clientele. You may either ship to or  drop off fur at Canadian Coyote Company Ltd in Hays, Alberta as you always have.  We will grade your fur in a timely fashion and and contact you with the offer and will issue a GFW cheque immediately upon your acceptance. Please be sure to include an email address or text number that you can be readily reached at whereby we will be able to contact you in short order with the offer. We will include your grades/price sheet with your cheque.